Welcome to SAMSoc!

Surrey Anime and Manga Society (SAMSoc) is a free to join society, with an optional £2 membership for access to our manga library. We're a close knit community of anime and manga enthusiasts that love to meet and enjoy the medium together. 

We host weekly Wednesday sessions at 6pm in TB01 (Stag Hill Campus) in addition to many weekend events, ranging from games nights, karaoke nights and quiz night. 
However, due to Covid we have since shifted our weekly events online via our Discord freely available to our members.

This semester, we are watching: 
Sakamoto desu ga?
The Promised Neverland
Food Wars!

For more info, do check out both our Facebook and Instagram pages for regular updates on upcoming events/ activities. As well as our Discord for the most up to date info.

Click here to officially sign up with the student union.