Welcome to the website for Bake Soc at the University of Surrey! We are a society dedicated to enjoying all things to do with baking. Here you can find our upcoming events and socials, information about the society and hints and tips for your baking endeavors!
Upcoming Events
All events in TB 23 at 7pm (unless stated otherwise!)
Christmas Event

We'll be decorating gingerbread houses - please see our facebook page for more information/ vote on a date and let us know what sort of gingerbread you need!
Recipes and tips
Sometimes it can be hard to find the exact recipe you want- we've all been there! We've included a few links to good sources of recipes and tips for baking:

If you can't find what you're looking for on any of the pages above or in any of your trusted recipe books, a search on google will usually help, or ask on our Facebook page!

About the Baking Society

We are a small and friendly society that meet every other Thursday at 7pm to share our baking and do activities! Each night will have a different theme, which we'll let you know about before hand.
We also will have socials running throughout the year so watch this space.
Whether you're a future Mary Berry or a novice baker, you're welcome to come and join us for baked goods and tea and share your enjoyment with fellow minded bakers.

How do I join the Baking Society?

Membership fees are £5 for the whole year. It includes tea and squash and equipment we use in meetings (but you'll have to come along to find out more!)
Please click here to join! (The society is called 'Baking Society' on the union page; we should now be under B! Please let us know if you have any issues buying membership)

Who runs BakeSoc?
Our committee is made up of:
Hannah Boocock (President)
Sophie Urch (Vice President)
Jess Young (Treasurer)
Emma Huntley (Social Rep)
We're in charge of planning events and socials and managing the general running of the society.

I want to know more! How can I contact you?
You can email us at ussu.baking@surrey.ac.uk, or contact us on Facebook, either individually or on the group page. We'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.
We also have our instagram (run by the wonderful Emma) which can be found here!
Do you run baking lessons?
We'd love to, but there's no space on campus we could do so. We are more than happy to help with troubleshooting problems or answering questions though, so ping us an email or post on our Facebook page- we all have to start somewhere and no one's perfect!