~ Your 2020/21 Committee ~
President: Dhrusti Patel
Biomedical Sciences - 3rd Year

As president, I supervise the committee and help organise different events. 

My goal is to create a more inclusive and integrated Biosciences department, giving students from all departments the opportunity to liaise with each other. 

After finishing my undergraduate degree, I hope to complete a PhD and pursue a career in pharmaceutical research. 

Please feel free to drop me an email with any questions and queries you may have. 

Email: dp00510@surrey.ac.uk

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Vice President: Berivan Macit
Biomedical Sciences - 2nd year

As the vice-president, my role involves supporting the society and committee so that events are run smoothly and objectives are met.

My goal for the year is to make sure Biosoc will be a society where members will be able to communicate and engage in activities online as well as attending events with social distancing during this pandemic.

Feel free to drop me an email about any ideas or enquiries you may have. 

Email: bm00574@surrey.ac.uk

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Treasurer: Lara Egendal
Biomedical Sciences - 3rd year
My role as the treasurer is to manage the societies finances, fund-raise and ensure that our activities always fall within the societies budget.

My goals as treasurer are to help the society with planning and executing events that help bring the Biosciences cohort together, even in these difficult times.

I am a third year Biomedical Sciences student and after University I plan to pursue a Postgraduate Medical Degree.

Feel free to email me with any questions about my role and BioSoc.

Email: le00251@surrey.ac.uk
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Academic Liaison: Lianri Van Schalkwyk
Biomedical Sciences - 2nd year

As academic liaison, my role is to create a bridge between the lecturers and the society. I will be communicating with lecturers and arranging events that involve the bioscience teaching department. 

My goal for this year is to integrate the various fields of bioscience that we study into the events that we arrange, in an effort to help our members to eventually become the scientists they want to be. 

Please email me if you have any inquiries or if you have an event in mind that you would like for us to arrange!

Email: ls01191@surrey.ac.uk

Social Sec: Anna Dolce 
Biomedical Sciences - 3rd year 

In the upcoming year as a social secretary, I hope to organize plenty of social events ranging from drinking evenings to a simple pizza night with a movie for the society to take part in. I want to encourage anyone who would like to join to come along as these events will be a great opportunity to meet new students from different departments.


Following my graduation, I hope to study Dentistry.


Email: ad01130@surrey.ac.uk

Social Sec: Cristiano Sigolo
Biochemistry - 3rd year
I'd like to increase student engagement with contemporary research. As a social sec, running weekly activities and providing students a space where they can share with their cohort bioscience-related research are two of the ways I hope to achieve this.

My personal interests are genetics and molecular biology, and hope to be involved with research projects in these fields in the future.

Fun fact: I really enjoy go-karting.

Email:  cs01353@surrey.ac.uk
Well-being and Inclusivity: Ankita Manmoandas

Biological Sciences, Cellular and Molecular Biology- 3rd year

As a well-being champion, I plan to actively increase inclusion in all our events. I will be doing this by talking to as many of you as possible, so if you see me at events say hi! 

Making sure that you feel comfortable and safe is my top priority therefore if you have any worries about anything, from academic to flat issues, feel free to let me know.

A bonus: I'm a returning placement student so I can answer any enquires you may have about placement! 

Upon graduating, I plan to pursue a career in sustainability and climate change consulting. 

Email: ag00833@surrey.ac.uk 

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Well-being and Inclusivity: Charlotte Cole
Biomedical Science - 2nd year
As well-being champion I aim to make everybody feel included, no matter who you are or where you come  from. I would like have a focus on academic and mental health support throughout the year and anyone can have a chat with me if they would like.

After graduating, I would be interested in going into research.

Email:  cc01706@surrey.ac.uk
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