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'Gold STARS' awarded for 2019/20

'Gold STARS' awarded for 2018/19

'Society of the Year' shortlisted for 2018/19

'Signatory of the Year' shortlisted for 2019/20 (Kristiana Stoeva)
'Signatory of the Year' shortlisted for 2018/19 (Martin Todorov)

The Bulgarian Society at the University of Surrey aims to promote and broaden the understanding of the Bulgarian culture and heritage to all fellow students. Our Development Plans are tailored to enhance the relationship and connectivity amongst freshers in particular so they can feel welcome despite the huge distance away from home.

Our events immerse students into the life of the University through: welcome “Walk-y-Talks”, folklore dance classes, Bulgarian cuisine fests, sport events, Belote tournaments and others. In addition, where possible, the Bulgarian Society will reach out and provide support and insight at informative talks/lectures about any available opportunities regarding the life on campus and in Guildford and networking establishing further opportunities for after leaving uni.