Canoe & Kayak
​​​​​​​​​​​​We have a social in the clubhouse every Wednesday following our river session. We run a really cheap bar and take it in turns in the kitchen to impress the club with our culinary delights at only £3pp including pudding! We are so proud of our foodie talents that we have even put together a recipe book of some of our favourites as inspiration to aspiring members! Keep an eye out on Facebook for upcoming events and let us know if you would like to come along. Feel free to bring housemates, friends, siblings, parents, pets or even your friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's mate's grandad... anyone is welcome! 

Most of our socials are free but often it works out cheaper for us to buy tickets or drinks in bulk and split the cost. For these awesome socials we ask people to pay in advance so we can weed out the flakers - the people who suddenly remembered that deadline tomorrow or didn't realise that their mum's Birthday would be on the same day as it is every year. This money is spent directly on the social and generally makes for a cheaper, even more awesome event. Check out upcoming events on Facebook and scroll down on this page to pay and reserve your space!

​- Our club house after a regular Wednesday river session.
Wet and Wild Bar Crawl

Absolutely massive bar crawl with all the water sports clubs! This one is guaranteed to get messy...
Halloween House Crawl

If you have never been on a house crawl before, then you are in for a treat! The trick is to plan a pub crawl, but instead of pubs, use houses. Now clearly the average student has minimal drinks kicking around spare - we have to stock up first, buying drinks in bulk and depositing them at the houses kindly volunteered by club members. Then the aim is simple... drink each house dry before we can move on! Oh, and its halloween, so no fancy dress = no drinks.
Christmas Meal and Party

Our much anticipated black tie Christmas celebration and 3 course meal!!
Summer BBQ

Summer is finally here - sort of! We are going to take advantage of the weather and a break from all those long hours of 'revision' spent in the 'library'. If summer, sun and sausage is your thing then come along :) We will also be doing the club awards at the BBQ so please remember to vote beforehand!!