surrey angels cheerleading squad

Welcome to Surrey 


We are the University of Surrey’s Cheerleading Squad and offer both competitive and social cheer, as well as loads more!

Surrey Angels is made up of 3 squads:

Surrey Angels Elite:

Elite is our original competition squad and our top level team. We have two 2 hour training sessions per week and train to compete in national competitions throughout the year. Our level 2 team is hard work and also a big commitment but it is worth the effort and also great fun!

Surrey Angels Supreme:

Supreme is our Level 1 competition squad. You'll train the same amount of hours as Elite and get to compete at University and National competitions throughout the year! This is the perfect squad for you if you're keen to compete but lack confidence as you'll learn all the skills from the ground right up to extension!

Games Squad:

As a member of our Games Squad you get to cheer socially and learn new amazing skills without the pressure of commitment, so if you want in for the fun but can’t train as often as our competition teams, this is the perfect squad for you! No matter what your level or experience is, you are welcome here and we can’t wait to meet you!

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 Surrey Angels 2017/18!
Some FAQs:

Do I need experience?
NOT AT ALL! Cheer is for everyone, there is no need for previous experience to be a part of Surrey Angels. Loads of our members have not done cheerleading before starting uni! However if you do have any cheer, dance, gymnastics experience that's even more reason to come join us!

Can Guys join?
ABSOLUTELY YES! Guys are most welcome; our motto is 'Lift Girls not Weights!' Surrey Angels is open to anyone so please come along to our sessions to try it out!

Competition or Games squad?
Being on one of our competition squads involves training a few evenings each week and learning routines of level 1 or 2 cheer stunts, tumbles and dance in order to enter competitions. Trials are open to everyone wishing to be on the competition squad which will take place At the end of October, after the taster sessions. 
Games squad will involve learning cheer skills as well as chants and pom dance to perform at other sports clubs games

What else does Surrey Angels do?
Other than cheer training we like to get together as often as possible for a wide range of socials. We hold both drinking socials and non drinks socials frequently to appeal to everyone and can sometimes includes some form of fancy dress!
We also run a tour every year in the Easter holidays abroad which is the highlight of everyone's social calendar.

When can I join?
Come and find our stand at the Freshers' Fair on Friday 28th September and sign up for more information! In the mean time refer to the Contact Us page to find out how to keep up-to-date with everything going on with Surrey Angels!