Welcome to the Chinese Society!

(We are also known as CSSA Surrey.)

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USSU Chinese Society is a student-run society part of The University of Surrey Students’ Union.


USSU Chinese society is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit volunteer group. We focus on enriching the daily life of Chinese students studying in Surrey and deliver transformational positive impact on local community.


We actively communicate with school, student union and other school associations. From the interests of the students themselves, with the purpose of wholehearted and voluntary service, and adhering to the spirit of openness, tolerance and enthusiasm, we will build a face for the students of Surrey an international, future-oriented platform.


As a Chinese community, we are committed to provide timely and accurate information and practical services to Chinese students. Meanwhile, we maintain good relationships with Chinese companies and provide recruitment information for Chinese universities and enterprises.


Since 2015, we provide various events and activities throughout the year, including Asian Freshers Party, "Surrey Idol" talent competition, "One Week Couple", Chinese New Year Gala, basketball and football tournaments and many more!


Our ambition is not only to influence Chinese students, but also to bring more positive impact to society. We will hold activities and events of various fields, involving Chinese culture, charity, literature, and sports.


Also, we have the following development goals:

1.  Serve Chinese students as our responsibility, convey important information and enrich the life of Chinese students. Build a good communication between Chinese students and University of Surrey.

2. Promote Chinese culture through being a part of the student union, and bring positive impact to local society

3. Actively participate in internal and external communication, hosting and co-organizing activities.

Further Events 

27/04  Trip to CBBC 2nd talent fair

15/05  Campus Live Introduction

29/05  12:00 Care Package for Revison

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