Welcome to Surrey Consulting Society!

The society provides a fantastic platform for students to learn about careers in consulting in addition to providing invaluable practical exposure.

Learn about the industry. Meet like minded people and get a better insight of what a career in consulting is really like!

In attending our workshops, you will also be able to network with industry experts, a great way to improve your industry knowledge and improve your confidence in a professional environment.

We host a number of different events, including presentation skills workshops, weekly case study sessions, and even case studies with some of the industry's leading companies, like Accenture.

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We hold weekly case study sessions along with many workshops aimed at providing practical exposure to real world problems companies face.

Our case study sessions are every Tuesday at 6:30pm. Follow and check out our instagram or Facebook accounts for details on location.

Keep an eye out for emails from the committee as more events are announced soon!

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