Cyprus, the island of Aphrodite. Located in the east end of Mediterranean. This society proves that even in a small island amazing people can grow. 

WELCOME to UoS Student's Union Cypriot Society. 
The aim of our society is to bring together all Greek and Cypriot students of the University of Surrey with the intention of providing a sociable and familiar environment so that everyone can feel like home, away from home. The society is open to anyone who is interested in getting to know more about the Greek and Cypriot cultures and traditions both through their similarities and differences in  language music and food.
The role of our society includes helping students feeling at ease by providing advice and support from older and more experienced students, organising social events for fun and pleasure, Sport and other tournaments, Also, helping the community in Surrey through charitable and voluntary work, and creating activities that promote the Greek and Cypriot cultures and traditions.

Everyone is welcome to join us! 
Come and see us and get ready for unforgettable moments!
To become a member follow the instructions here

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