Can't figure out how to make the Students' Union website work?

Don't Panic! It's not just you - chances are, neither can anyone else.

The Students' Union website was updated over the summer, and now it's apparently "easier than ever" to join a society. It's complicated if you don't know how, but if you follow these steps you should hopefully be able to officially become an EARS member. 

1) Don't use a mobile device!

The Students' Union website is really poorly optimised for mobile devices. We'd suggest doing this on a PC (or requesting the desktop site in your browser) as it makes everything so much easier. All of these instructions are based on the desktop site, too.

2) Go to the Memberships page on the the Students' Union website

You can do this by following this link or by pressing the Join EARS button on our "Get Involved" page. Or by finding "University of Surrey Students' Union" on your preferred search engine, clicking on the Activity tab in the top menu bar and scrolling down to (and clicking on) the big yellow square that says Memberships.

3) Make sure you're logged into the website

If you're logged into the website, you'll see a bar at the top of the screen that says "SharePoint" in the top left hand corner, and your name in the top right hand corner. If not then you'll need to Log into the website:

Click on "Login" just underneath the search bar at the top of the page. This should bring up a login box - sometimes it won't open on top of the webpage though, so try moving the window and see if you can find it behind! Enter your university username and password. Your username is the first part of your university email address, which should look something a bit like ab00123 - if you don't know what your username is, then sign up to our mailing list for now and we'll get you sorted at one of our meetings in semester time. 

If you're trying this and it's still not working, try putting "surreybackslash" before your username (for example, surreybackslashab00123) - it usually works without doing this, but sometimes the website will insist that it needs you to do it.

4) Find the EARS membership in the scroll list

Hopefully this should be pretty straightforward, as we're the seventh item in the list (at the moment, could change - it's alphabetical anyway) - What you're looking for is the item called EARS (EARS Membership 2017.18). Click on this so it's highlighted in blue. 

5) Add this to the list on the right

Do this by pressing the > button between the two lists. You should find that the EARS membership has disappeared from the scroll list on the left and moved to the right hand column. If you selected the wrong society by accident, click on it in the right hand list and press the < button to get rid of it. 

6) "Pay" for the membership

It's completely free to become an EARS member, but because there's a fee to join some societies you still have to "pay us" £0. Just click the Pay button - the website should tell you that this has been successful by displaying the word "Done" in red underneath the button.

7) Check that you're now a member

If that all worked, There should be a list titled "My Memberships" on the right hand side of the page. Underneath it should be EARS (and any other societies you've joined) - if you can't see it, try refreshing the page or going away and coming back again. And make sure you're still logged in, or you won't see anything!

Still not working?

This would be an appropriate time to panic. Get in contact with us by email at and we'll see what we can do to sort you out.