Radio Licences

EARS is an officially registered training and exam centre for getting your amateur radio licence! We are able to offer training, practical assessments and written exams for all licence levels. If you are interested in training for an amateur radio licences, just fill out the form below (when it's available) and you will be emailed with updates relevant to your licence level. This is no obligation, as we will just keep you updated on what is happening with the licences

Before purchasing a radio course through the USSU website, please contact to ensure that the courses will be running.

There are three levels of licence available, Foundation, Intermediate and Full. The Foundation and Intermediate courses consist of several practical assessments followed by a written exam. The Full licence has no practical assessments and is assessed purely by written exam, but we are able to provide support for exam preparation, including the exam handbook.

There is a fee for the courses which allows us to provide you with the materials and training needed. The fees are as follows:

Foundation - £35

Intermediate - £45

Full - £55

The prices displayed include the cost of the revision books for that particular licence.

We don't just provide radio licence courses for students! If you're a non-student local to the Guildford area and are looking for a licence training course or exam centre, we can help. Send an email to and let us know what you require.

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