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Hello and welcome to GameSoc.

We get together twice a week to play board, card and role playing games with each other and generally have a great time. You can drop in at any time and you won't have to wait long before there are other people offering games. If you don't know how to play any game, we are happy to teach.

Many members also actively play and GM RPGs, and GameSoc is a great place to meet up with other players to organise one-shots and full campaigns.

We also run some drafts of Magic the Gathering, though there are members playing on non-draft days.

Meeting Times:

Wednesday: 6pm-10pm in LTJ

Sunday: 11am-9pm in LTA


We are running an RPG Taster day on the 8th, where there will be many GMs ready to run One-Shots for both new-comers and veterans alike

On the 15th there will be a magic draft with two boxes of Ixalan with a £10 asking price

There will also be a bar crawl on the 28th October, though locations are not finalised