Hello and welcome to GameSoc.

We get together twice a week to play board, miniatures, card and role playing games with each other and generally have a great time. You can drop in at any time and you won't have to wait long before there are other people offering games. Beginners are very welcome and there are plenty of us willing to teach people how to play.

Many members also actively play and run tabletop RPGs, and GameSoc is a great place to meet up with other players to organise one-shots and full campaigns.

We also have card game and wargaming communities (primarily Magic: the gathering and Warhammer 40k). When new magic sets are released we tend to draft the set. 

We also have a Facebook page where most of our announcements are made, feel free to join and ask any questions you may have:
Meeting Times:

Wednesday: 6pm-10pm Room to be confirmed

Sunday: 11am-9pm 
Room to be confirmed