University of Surrey Gospel Choir is a fun, diverse and loving family-like society with one thing in common: a passion for making music together!

We sing a range of songs, from energetic Aretha Franklin anthems to reflective, melancholic ballads.

  • We don't hold auditions
  • No prior musical knowledge or experience is required
  • We are open to all, regardless of background or religion

Why join Gospel Choir?
  • You'll have loads of fun whist singing uplifting music
  • You'll join a loving community
  • It can boost your confidence and improve your mental health
Our ethos

We are committed to making everyone who joins in feel at home, confident and happy! We’re not just a choir, we’re a family too - and we’re here to give you a place to have fun, relax and spread some joy!

Singing has been proven to increase wellbeing. At Gospel Choir we aim to provide that essential space to relax and recuperate after a week of studying.

Whether you want to come back every week, or just want to see what we're all about, our rehearsals are open to anyone at any point throughout the year.