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Shield 2 colourised stag (PNG compressed)
President's Welcome:

Firstly, congratulations to you all; your hard work has paid off and you're coming to Surrey. 
These will be the some of the best, hardest but, most importantly, rewarding years of your life. 
You will be immersed within the law, learning how to analyse it, debate it and apply it. Your peers will become your best friends and fiercest of debaters. Your lecturers will be some of the most important people to you in your academic progress.
We are your source of competitions, be it mock trials, moots or negotiations. We will be your first port of call for social events as well as being there as a helping hand.
The Law Society has enabled me personally to do truly wonderful things, and I am enthralled at being able to do the same for you.

Lucy Humphreys
President 2018/2019

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