Your 2020/21 LGBT+ Society Committee

President: Erin Baker
Treasurer: Deni Addis
Events Officer: Monique Tan
Women's Officer:
Black, Asian, & Minority Ethnic (BAME) Officer: Sophia Newman
Bisexual Officer: Ellie Mair
PostGraduate Student Officer:
Trans & Non-Binary Officer: Alexis Butler
What do they do?
  • LGBT+ Chair
  • Sets goals and objectives
  • Manages the committee
  • Oversees all society activity
Vice President 
  • Deputy LGBT+ Chair
  • Organises meetings and books rooms
  • Writes minutes and communicates events
  • Manages members and mailing list

  • Controls society budget
  • Approves spending
  • Manages payments
  • Manages finances
Women’s Officer
  • Represents views and identities of women
  • Lead on women's campaigns/issues
  • Responsible for Women's welfare

BAME Officer
  • Represents views of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) 
  • Liaises with BAME Communities
  • Lead on BAME campaigns/issues
  • Responsible for BAME welfare

Trans and Non-Binary Officer
  • Represents views of Trans & Non-Binary students
  • Liaises with Trans &-Non Binary Community
  • Lead on Trans & Non-Binary campaigns
  • Responsible for Trans & Non-Binary welfare

Disabled Students' Officer
(open position)
  • Represents views of Disabled Students
  • Liaises with Disabled Students community
  • Lead on disabled students campaigns/issues
  • Responsible for disabled students welfare