Welcome, welcome, welcome!

The LGBT+ Society is for all students who identify within the LGBT+ spectrum, whether you are openly out, questioning or unsure.

We are here to provide an inclusive and safe space for LGBT+ students to socialise, support each other and express who they are without judgement.

Upcoming Events!

You can see all the events we have coming up by heading to the events page at the top, or by clicking this link!

We will be be using Zoom to hos

Our 2020/21 Vision!

This year we have some big plans! And we won't let the 'rona get in the way of bringing the best possible experience to our members! 🌈

We are hoping to collaborate with different societies to help learn about different social issues! As well as working on a careers event for our members in 2021!

We will be continuing our Trans & Non-Binary closed meetings, as well as introducing Bisexual+ closed meetings as-well ❤

Take a look around our website to find out more about us, what we get up to, who the committee are, and find out how to join.  

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