​​Welcome to The University of Surrey's Midwifery society! We aim to bring together student midwives from all cohorts to support each other by offering advice and creating a network of friends. We will be hosting some midwifery specific study days and conferences, focusing a lot on self-care and mental well-being during our studies. Social events such as coffee mornings (and bar crawls!) will be held to bring students together to have fun! Our final aim is to fundraise for our chosen charity, Kicks Count.

If  you are interested in getting involved please join as a member to have discounted entry to events. Additionally if you would like to get in contact with us,  our email address is: 


You can also find us on Facebook!


This year, MidSoc took part in Cancer Research Muddy Race for Life! We even found Alison, one of our lecturers there too!!website
2018 gave us our first ever MidSoc-lead midwifery conference 'Empowering Midwives to Empower Women' - and what a success it was! Speakers included Sheena Byrom and Michel Odent!
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MidSoc Committee 2017/2018 

Ashleigh Palmer - President

Hi, I'm Ashleigh and I'm a third year based at Royal Surrey and am your MidSoc President for 2018/19! I am 21. I was a Maternity Support Worker in my gap year before becoming a student midwife and my other interests include dance and being at the beach! Taking over MidSoc, I hope to ensure positive attitudes and mental well-being within all our student midwives, focusing our study days and social events on self-care and relaxation. I hope MidSoc brings you a place of comfort and community during your studies as well as an environment for you to relax and have fun with your fellow MADwives!! Please contact myself of my committee if you have any questions :)

Contact email: ap00871@surrey.ac.uk  

Lily Berry - Vice President

Hi Everyone! I'm Lily, a third year student based at the Royal Surrey County Hospital. I'm looking forward to being involved in the Midwifery society this year, helping to bring together student midwives from all three cohorts. Don't miss out on  being part of all the fun and laughter of MidSoc!

Contact email: lb00640@surrey.ac.uk   

Abby Miller - Treasurer 

Hi I’m Abby and i'm a second year based at Royal Surrey. I am excited to be MidSoc's Treasurer for the coming year, where i'll be looking after the society's finances and helping with fundraising, especially for our chosen charity 'Kicks Count'. I am looking forward to welcoming  freshers to Surrey and working with everyone on the committee to make 2018/19 a great year for all MidSoc members! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. 

Contact email: am01981@surrey.ac.uk  

Jodie Fry - Social Secretary 

Hi I’m Jodie MidSoc’s social secretary. The reason I decided to take on this role within MidSoc is because I think it’s really important to get to know each other across cohorts so we can support each other through the course. This year I really want to create a support system with MidSoc so that people like myself who aren’t involved in other clubs and societies have a way of socialising with like minded people. We’ve got lots to come this year including a minimum of monthly meet ups with a range of activities from bar crawls to afternoon teas. It would be lovely to see as many of you there as possible to thrive from the support system we’re trying to create!

Contact email: jf00394@surrey.ac.uk

Louise Morfill

-Communications and Networking Officer

Hey, I'm Louise, a second year located at Royal Surrey and am this years communications and networking officer. I am very excited to welcome all the new students starting in September, as well as the current midwifery cohorts to the society and keep you updated on future events we have planned. My main aim of the year is to bring all three cohorts together to socialise and support one another through the tough times, as well as make connections with people from other societies. I also hope to organise as many study days as possible for all the students, to ensure continual motivation and allow us all to blossom an thrive together. If you have any questions or suggestions for events, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to meeting lots of new faces. 

Contact email: lm00858@surrey.ac.uk

Kelly McLoughlin

- Mature Student Liaison​   

Hey I'm Kelly and I'm your mature students liaison. I am a third year based in Addleston and have a background working with adults and young people with social, emotional and communication difficulties. I am a mummy of an (almost) 5 year old called Freddie and my hobbies include day dreaming about bed time, never peeing alone, and helping my son search for his chocolate that I ate the night before. I'm hoping to represent those of us who have made the decision to retrain a little later in life and keep our MidSoc inclusive! To those who have travel and familial commitments outside of university, it's still absolutely possible to be involved in organising/creating/participating in this exciting society and I can't wait to be a part of it with you all! Kelly xx

Contact email: km00414@surrey.ac.uk