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It's Your World
C'est Votre Monde
Son Su Mundo
إنها عالمكم
Это ваш мир


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About Us

Model United Nations​​​​ allows ​students to simulate UN bodies and take on a role as a delegate of a particular nation.​ It is a fantastic opportunity for students to discuss issues that are of relevancy in the international community.​​ By taking part in MUN you gain a variety of skills in​ ​Research, ​Negotiation, ​Public Speaking and Presentation skills.

Delegates practice constructing arguments and holding their country's policy positions​ which might sometimes conflict with their own views​. This helps greatly in any future debate in better understanding the problem presented.

Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to socialise and ​​meet others that share your interests.​ MUN conferences are a great place to meet new friends from all over the world!​