University of Surrey Nursing Society

Welcome to the Nursing society 2020/21, better known as NurSoc! 

NurSoc is a community for all our training nurses at the University of Surrey. We offer a variety of activities ranging from support groups and essay workshops to pub quizzes and bar crawls. Not all of our events are strictly to do with nursing however! We understand that with placements and lots of assignments due some students just want some respite from their course and would much rather just meet with people who understand what being a student nurse is like, without having to think about the course. 

Throughout the year the NurSoc committee hope to bring you educational opportunities only found through the society such as exclusive guest speakers and the chance to get involved with practical classes. As training professionals, we can all help each other to learn and push our practice to develop faster than we may alone. 

Membership is free and not open exclusively to our student nurses! If you are interested in a career in nursing then why not join? Get to know some of our students from all our nursing branches; Adult, Paediatrics and Mental Health. 

Want to join an online event? You can join our Microsoft Teams group with the following link OR team code...

Team Code: ln24y6j