Who are we?
We are the nutrition society at the University of Surrey, a departmental society that is open to all students across all disciplines! We organise a wide range of social, academic and well-being events for members to enjoy throughout the year. 

What is our mission?
Our mission is to connect people through their passion for nutrition and everything food, while providing a platform for members to share and discover new things on nutrition and related topics. 

What have we done in the past?
We have organised a diverse range of events in the past including: 
  • FeelGoodFeb collaboration - an evening of well-being including yoga and meditation followed by tea-bag making!
  • Talks from probiotics brand Yakult, Dr Jane Ogden author of ''The Psychology of Eating" and level 3 personal trainer Javier García. 
  • Trips to food festivals and exhibitions - Taste London, The Camberley Food Festival.
  • BEAT charity quiz night
  • Myth-busters