PhotoSoc runs mini-lectures and practical sessions based on a wide range of styles and types of photography, catering to all ability levels and interests. We also organise group day and week-long trips to different places within the UK, mostly to amazing places you wouldn't be able to get to using public transport.

Our meetings (mini-lectures and practical sessions) are usually on Thursdays. For the second semester (2019), the time and location of our meetings are  TBD.

For a full calendar of events and trips, see the calendar which can be added to any device! 

You are free to attend any PhotoSoc meeting or event without attending previous ones and there is no membership fee. There is also no requirement to attend any lecture or workshop, so please feel free to turn up in Week 10 without being to any sessions before! Some individual trips will require booking beforehand and may have a fee to cover items such as travel and entry costs.

This Year PhotoSoc Committee aims our: 

  • To provide photographic services to other societies 
  • To Improve Learning Experience During Mini-Lecture/Workshops 
  • To increase member number on Day Trips

To see the Society full Development Plan go to the Resources Page .  
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Keep updated with events and opportunities

Members regularly share photos and discuss topics in our Facebook group


Please feel free to join us and keep up to date with any events happening.

We also encourage all member to submit pictures they have taken in our Flickr group

If you wish to join please contact us. 

If you have a topic you would like covered in a lecture or workshop, or if you would like to run one a sessions please feel free to message us either via Email or Facebook 

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We will do our best to provide it in a weekly session!