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We're one of the UK's largest student-run photography societies focused on creating a fun environment for anyone interested in practising photography as an expressive medium! Photosoc Surrey accommodates all levels of photographers, so we're sure to have something for you to get involved!

  • Sessions:          PhotoSoc's weekly educational lectures/tutorials for those                                   who  want to learn more! For upcoming sessions:                                                              
  • Collabs:            PhotoSoc's self-run group of creatives who want to link up                                   and collaborate! For more information:                                                                                
  • Commercial:   For PhotoSoc's more experienced members to side-hustle!                                      Training opportunities will be run throughout the year for less                                experienced Photographers. For more information:                                                          
  • Socials:            What's a society without socials? Find our socials this year at                                            
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If you have a topic you would like covered in a lecture or workshop, or if you would like to run one of the sessions please feel free to message us by Email


We will do our best to provide it in a weekly session!