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Freshers Week 2020

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Welcome to Surrey Politics Society 2020/2021!

As a society, we welcome all students, of all years and subjects, who have any level of interest in Politics, or even just want a space to meet new people and have fun. Throughout the year we will be hosting a variety of events and opportunities, from special guest speakers to political discussions, quiz nights and of course, bar crawls.

It's a tradition that we end the year with the Politics Ball, so make sure you do not miss it! We offer you the opportunity to meet new people and engage in unique and exciting events.

We also have our journal, Incite, which gives Surrey students the platform to voice their opinion on any political issues they are interested in. Articles can be of any length, and on any topic, so as long as you have an opinion, we want to hear it!

Get in touch!

If you have any questions at all regarding the society, or simply want someone to talk to, please contact any of the committee (you can find our contact details under Committee).

We look forward to seeing lots of new members as well as familiar faces when the next academic year starts!

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Rachel Christenson, Social Sec, Freshers' Fair 2020

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Zoe Drapper, VP + Beth Dawson, Incite , Freshers' Fair 2020