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So ... what is SuSnow?

Surrey SnowSports or SuSnow is told to be one of the greatest, raddest, most insane and yet most welcoming clubs that YOU can get involved in today; 

No matter your skill level, who you are or what you do, whether you’re into meeting new people, sending it hard or just simply socialising and getting involved, SuSnow welcomes all new members, encourages you to get involved. SuSnow’s environment and people are simply not to miss.

We offer Race Training sessions on a weekly basis, where we will make sure that you cut through dry slope like a hot knife going through butter. Our race captain will guide you and help you improve. 

SuSnow also offers weekly freestyle sessions, where our freestyle captain will give tips and tricks for you to finally send that trick you’ve been dying to land for weeks. YOU could also compete at competitions such as KINGS or BUCS, where you’ll show style, speed or to have a bit of fun. 

Time to create some memories and be the best that there’s been. If none of that interests you, SuSnow also offers amazing weekly socials, with a different spice to it, each time. Whether it’s a beer pong tournament, pres for a very messy Citrus, or one of them insane and wild SuSnow parties.

Plenty of ways loosen up, get away from studies and have some fun. Not even old age will fade these memories away from you. Something different every week means something for everyone and these events you need to attend! Now, why not become a part of SuSnow?

So, if you’re looking to make your university life as messy, fun and a little weird, then get in touch with us now below or on social media to get involved!

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