The committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Next year's AGM Hasn't been scheduled yet, but if you are interested in running please get in touch with any of us!
We're here to help so please feel free to contact any of us! :)

President -
The Chair of USSAC is the main interface between the club, its members, and the Students' Union. The Chair is also responsible for coordinating the meetings with the club committee and ensuring the club runs smoothly. 

If you have any questions about the club, or want to get involved, you can email Maria directly at

Secretary - Tariq Hilmi 
The main role of the Secretary is to ensure that all of the details that are held with BSAC HQ are up-to-date. Tariq works closely with BSAC and the other committee members, particularly the Chair and Diving Officer, to organise all the information for the club as well as welcoming new club members. 

Got a question about membership? Email Tariq directly at

Treasurer - Nigel Lawton

The Treasurer is responsible for all of the club accounts. To do so effectively, they should understand and abide by the Union rules for club funding and keep the committee up-to-date  on the state of funding. 

They must ensure that club expenditure is done so within the club's funding and if not secure an additional grant before the expenditure takes place. They will also have the responsibility of ensuring that all club fees and membership are collected!

Email Nigel at

Kit Officer - Nikos Loumis

The Kit Officer is responsible for ensuring that all club equipment and services such as the compressor are kept suitably maintained and in service. It is also their duty to organise tank filling and teach interested members about use of the compressor. 

If you have any questions about our equipment (or want to book some) then email Nikos directly at

Boat Officers - Dave Brock & Teddy Ng

The Boat Officer is primarily responsible for the club’s Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) called Garfield and must ensure that it is seaworthy. Alongside this, it is their responsibility to deal with any other aspects of boat-related equipment.

Dave retired from the University in 2003 after 30 years employment in Electrical Engineering and obtained his Masters in the Department in 1981. He has been a member of the club since 1996, he is a Dive Leader with IFC and has been teaching in the club for many years. Fishing, boating and scuba are some of his hobbies. Dave now works with Teddy to help keep our boat seaworthy.

For info about the boat, contact Dave at

Diving Officer - Tina Burton

The club Diving Officer is defined by BSAC as ‘the National Diving Officer’s representative at Branch level, as defined in BSAC Rules’. The DO ultimately is responsible for all diving that is performed within the club. This involves overlooking all training and giving advice on diving where necessary.

Email Tina at

Training Officer - OPEN!!

The Training Officer's main role is to help members achieve their training goals whether they're a new diver seeking their first qualification, or an existing diver looking to branch out to other aspects of diving. They work closely with the Diving Officer to ensure that all training is done safely. 

You can take the role of training officer at point, if you think you might be interested drop any of us an email.

Social Secretary - OPEN!!

USSAC is a very social club meaning the role of Social Sec can be demanding. It consists of organising a number of club outings, ranging from a relaxed trip to the Dive Show, a quiet one at the pub, or even a more intense night out! They ensure everyone feels comfortable with the club and is having fun.

If you'd enjoy organising socials for us as the Social Secretary, let any of us know.