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Who are we?

SRS was established in June 2019. It aims to encourage researchers at all career levels from all disciplines to participate in regular meetings to discuss open and reproducible research methods. 

Efforts to promote scientific transparency and rigour are made by academics at all stages in their careers. We have been inspired by the work of the UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN) who bring together professionals from all fields to support the learning and use of reproducible and open science methods. Together, they are hoping to change the way research is conducted and as a result strengthen the quality and impact of British science.

We are proudly representing the University of Surrey within this great community forming part of a research revolution. We communicate, support and motivate each other, share resources, achievements and ideas via social media and numerous open science events.

Get Involved

Twitter: @Surrey_Repro
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Meeting Schedule
For a meeting schedule please see the Current Newsletter in our OSF page . If you would like to receive a link to attend one of the sessions you can send us an email request. If you sign up to the mailing list, you will receive all invitations automatically.

Background on open and reproducible research
For an introduction on using open and reproducible research approaches in your work, you should read this article written by our society advisor Priya Silverstein and colleagues.