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2020/2021 Committee:

Starting from left to right: Ben & Sarin (WTF captains), Owen (Treasurer), Nav (Vice-President), Daniel (President),  Bryony (ITF captain), Chris (Social secretary) 

Well-being and Inclusion Champion - 
Micheal Wellbeing Champ Cropped (cropped)Hey everybody, my name's Michael. I like sleeping, eating and having fun. Taekwondo is a marvellous experience, especially if you're looking to try something new. It's great exercise and filled with lots of really nice people. My role is to help out anyone who might be having a hard time and work together to make the Taekwondo experience a good one. I will be happy to welcome many new members who might be starting their Taekwondo journey or continuing it. Best regards.

Well-being and Inclusion Champion - 

Micheal Wellbeing Champ Cropped (cropped)
Hi all! I'm Shea, an Information Security Masters Student who loves dance, movies and most importantly Taekwondo! As a Well-being and Inclusion Champion I'm here to look out for anyone feeling left out and to make sure everyone is happy. I'm a Welfare Watch Volunteer so I am also fully trained in Mental Health First Aid. Please feel free to approach me at anytime to chat about anything!
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President - Daniel Baqer 

NavHello Team! My name is Daniel and I am actually from Bahrain (google it). I completed my undergraduate last year and I have started my PhD, both here at Surrey. I have been doing Teakwondo since I was 5 years old (yeah long time!) and I recommend to everybody to give it a shot. It's a sport that teaches self-defense, self-discipline, keeps you fit and it's a ton of fun especially with friends! As your president my role is to ensure a smooth and safe operation of the club and for you to enjoy TKD experience and become a LeGenD ;) 

Vice President - Nav
Hey! I'm Nav, a 3rd year Physics student and I've been doing martial arts for the majority of my life, of which I've done Taekwondo for just over 3 years. I'll be your resident Vice President and my job is make keep everything running smoothly to ensure that you have a great time and feel part of the TKD family. My job like the others is always to help you out, so don't be afraid to drop a question if you have anything you want to ask.

Treasurer - Owen Larwood
NavHi everyone. I’m Owen and as the big bold heading says I’m gonna be your treasurer for this year. I’m currently an engineering student at the uni and have been doing ITF (the better kind) for about 6 years. My role is to manage the finances of the club so we can continue to improve our equipment and subsidise competition fees so everyone gets the chance to compete. But if you have any questions and see me about don’t be afraid to ask, It doesn’t even need to be money related. So, I look forward to seeing you at training and If you’re unsure the first three sessions are free so what have you got to lose.

Social Sec. - Chris Smith118024849_341078526931452_7719537822576865797_n
Hi there! My name is Chris. Please behold the only decent photo I could find of myself. I am a student paramedic here at Surrey University, and I have the pleasure of being your social sec for this year. If you are new, and are a little intimidated by the rest of our committee who are all either black belt, red belt, or any other kind of menacing colour belt, then fear not, as I am a humble yellow belt! As someone who joined last year with no previous martial arts experience, I can assure you that the club does its absolute best to welcome and be enjoyable to those of all skill levels. As social sec, I organise all of the events which do not include us trying to kick each other in the face. So if you have any questions about the society, please don't hesitate to grab me for a chat!

Equipment Officer -Dan Sinclair

118024849_341078526931452_7719537822576865797_nHi, I’m Dan. I am a physics student currently on placement at the Royal Surrey County Hospital. I’ve been doing taekwondo for two years and I love the Surrey Taekwondo atmosphere so I decided to help out by giving the treasurer a hand with buying and maintaining equipment. It means you can kick people harder and get kicked - all without getting hurt!!!

ITF Captain - Bryony Hillion

Hi everyone! I’m Bryony and I’m your ITF Captain for this year. I’m currently a second year Paramedic Science Student at Surrey Uni and hope to not have to use my medical knowledge in training. I have been training in ITF Taekwondo for almost 15 years (even though I look 12)! My job for this year is to help run stairs training alongside the WTF captains, answer any questions and help within the training sessions. I look forward to seeing our TKD family grow and see as many of you as possible at training. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions.

WTF Captain - Sarin Rai

Hello there. I'm Sarin, currently in second year electronics engineering and your WTF captain along with Ben. 
My role just like the ITF captain is to run the stairs training sessions to strengthen your stamina.
I have done taekwondo for over 6 years in the past but only got back into it the past year
So don't feel intimidated to approach me, I am more than happy to help.
I look forward to training with everyone.