Current Committee: Committee 2020/21


President: Aathirai Lingarajah

Hi, I'm a 3rd year studying Veterinary Medicine. My main goal is to bring more people across different years together and have a fun, supportive community. I have introduced a mentorship scheme and hope that as a committee we can put on more events throughout the year. I have also appointed a charity rep so we can get involved with different charities and run events for charity. 

Vice President: Sajini Sridaran

Hello!! I'm Sajini, a 2nd year law student. One of my main focuses for this year is to create a tight-knit society where everyone is comfortable and enjoys themselves. To get more people involved in the society I have introduced the Gaana dance workshops, not only to engage ourselves into our culture, but also create a space to let loose and have fun!

Treasurer: Thushith Premadas

Hey, my name is Thushith, currently studying Electronic Engineering in 3rd year. I want to ensure that with the current problems at hand, we can create the biggest tamil events Surrey has ever seen. I also want to bring everyone together and create a community in which we can depend on each other. We hope to see you at our meet and greet and enjoy the following year. 

All the signatories will have had wellbeing training, so do get in touch if you need any support. Feel free to contact the mentorship scheme reps as well. 

Sports Reps

Football Rep: Danu Suthakaran

Netball Rep: Mayura Selvachandran

Hey guys, we are your sports reps. I'm Mayura, a 2nd year studying Business Management. I'm Danu, a 2nd year studying Economics and Finance.

Our aim is to get lots of people joining in to play netball and football. Anyone can join in and play for fun, even if you've never played before. It will be a great opportunity to get out and meet new people as well.

We also want to focus on building strong teams to participate in tournaments and legacy, which is definitely something to look forward to. 

We hope to see lots of you this year!

Events Reps

Krishniya Vimalesan

Tharun Tharukaran

Hey guys, we are your events reps. I am Krish, a 3rd year Economics and Politics student. I am Tharun, a 2nd year studying Computer Science. One of our main focuses this year is to improve the quality of non-alcoholic events such as having more movie nights and games nights, whilst making them more consistent throughout the terms. 

We have loads planned for both drinkers and non-drinkers, ranging all the way from bowling nights to clubbing events. We have also got lots of ideas for virtual events, given the current circumstances. 

We hope to see you soon at our events!

Creative Arts Rep

Melina Benet Rajkumar

My name is Melina and I'm a 2nd year Psychology student.

My main focus as a Creative Arts Rep are:
  • iGaala - choreographing and showcasing a variety of talents (singing,  gaana, bharathanaatyam etc) with other committees.
  • Gaana workshops - we're hoping to hold sessions from dancers and collabs with other universities

Social Media Rep

Simmren Raviendranathan

Hey! My name is Simmi, and I'm a 2nd year media and communication student. 
My main focuses as social media rep are:
  • to tell you guys when an event is coming up through our instagram/ facebook page, and what to keep an eye on
  • show you the behind the scenes of what the committee are doing to prep for events
  • doing vlogs, and live streams of events to look back on!

Charity Rep

Nityasri Sathasivam

Hi! I'm Nitya, this year's Charity rep! I'm a 2nd year biomedical science student!

This year we'll be doing our part to contribute by:
  • collecting clothes for charity in Sri Lanka
  • having bake sales
  • and finally our main goal is to hold a charity concert!
So stay tuned!

Mentorship Scheme Reps

Glorea Rajakumar

Archanaa Manivannan

Hey, we are your mentorship scheme reps. I'm Glorea, a 1st year studying Biomed and I'm Archanaa, a 3rd year studying Maths. 

The mentorship scheme will be an opportunity for new students and returning students to gain a support system for their journey through university.

New students will be offered a great chance to be grouped with people from similar courses to them so that they have peers that are the same stage, like a university sibling. As well as this, they'll be put together with students in years above, who will serve as their university parent figures. This will hopefully provide them with both academic and emotional support through the ups and downs of university life.