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Welcome to THESOC 2018-2019! 

We here at Theatre Society aim to create amazing quality performances and awesome weekly workshops. THESOC family is strong and inclusive, always open to welcoming more! Come to our sessions and see for yourself!

Where and when is it?

Theatre Soc is every Wednesday from 6pm-8pm in TB19!

(Any changes and exact timings for each week will be posted on our Facebook page, or will be sent by email so please check there before each session to make sure you're in the right place!)   
Where can you get in touch?

How can you contact our sigs?

President: Jamal
Vice President: Beth
Treasurer: Izzy
Society Showcase!

In true Theatre Soc tradition, we present to you
The Moo-Off from the Theatre and Performance Workshop!


Meeting at Heart and Soul - Q and A about committe roles 

Collecting donations for Jigsaw Trust- Jigsaw School