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Competitive Ultimate  

Team Surrey Ultimate is a sports club which regularly competes in the University BUCS league and reaches national level competitions. For example, in the 16/17 season, TSU finished in the top 20 in both men's and mixed national competitions for both indoors and outdoors divisions. 

The sport of ultimate in the UK is split into two leagues; university and club. If you want to play higher level ultimate - join a club team. Club teams allow all ages and experience levels and therefore you will learn so much from attending club training and attending tournaments with club teams such as UKU Open/Mixed/Women's Tour. We encourage all our members to join a club team and trial for these teams if necessary. 

We provide a coached training session of club level once a week. We encourage all our members to attend training with the local club (Guildford Ultimate) as well as training further afield (London based teams). We also aim to provide sessions by guest coaches during the year. 

We could not be prouder of our members and alumni members who are on the GB National Teams. We encourage our members to follow their sporting ambitions and trial for any level of GB Ultimate Team. 

If you are interested in the sport and wish to take your development further; there are opportunities to gain a Level 1 Coaching Ultimate Qualification.